NEW EDITION of Finding List for legislation in Seychelles - free on SeyLII

Finding List for Seychelles Legislation as at 10 May 2016 - now available on SeyLII

SeyLII is delighted to announce the publication of a new edition of the Finding List, an essential reference resource that allows everyone in Seychelles (and beyond) to find out exactly which laws are in force and what amendments have been made over time.

The Finding List was originally developed by Professor Tony Angelo and is now in its ninth edition. 

A full copy of the Finding List can be downloaded for free in Word or PDF here.

Alternatively you can browse a complete list of the Acts in force or the Statutory Instruments (subsidiary legislation) in force.

Please note that this edition is updated to 10 May 2016.  It does not take into account any changes made in the official revised edition of the Laws of Seychelles, which came into force on 11 May 2016.

If you want to know whether an Act or Statutory Instrument has changed since 10 May 2016, just go to the SeyLII page for that law and look for a hyperlink to any subsequent developments.


27 October 2016