How to find case law on SeyLII

SeyLII publishes case law produced by the Supreme Court of Seychelles (including the Constitutional Court) and the Court of Appeal according to the SeyLII guidelines available here. This means that SeyLII does not publish all cases which are generated by the courts, but only those which are selected according to the guidelines.

Case law is arranged on this site according to its court and year in which the judgment was delivered. You can access an index of all years by clicking on the name of the court in which the case was heard.

Certain volumes of the Seychelles Law Reports are also available on SeyLII, these are works with selected important judgments that have been edited and have had headnotes included. These are available here (

Alternatively, if you are searching for a specific term or phrase within a case, you might try searching using the ‘Search’ function on the home page.