Assemblies of God v Attorney General (CP 07/2019) [2020] SCCC 976 (22 December 2020);


Constitutional Law: A declaration that the decision of the 1st and 2nd respondents, that the petitioners said project stands cancelled, contravenes Article 26 (1) of the Constitution with respect to the Petitioner etc: claim of infringement of right to freedom of conscience and religion, and right to property: whether or not the refusal to approve building plans constitutes an infringement of these rights: three preliminary objection raised by Attorney General: first two objections upheld, namely, that the petition was filed out of time without any application requesting leave to file the petition out of time; the court is not empowered to grant leave where none has been sought: the second, namely that the petioners has an alternative remedy in judicial review upheld. The petition is dissmissed.