R v Agathine & Ors (CR 2/2021) [2021] SCSC 366 (28 June 2021);





[2021] SCSC

CR 2/2021


In the matter between

THE REPUBLIC                                                              

(rep. by Mr Kumar )




ARCHILLE AGATHINE                                                 1ST Accused

 (rep. by Mr Domingue)                                                       


JULIOUS ZIALOR                                                           2ND Accused

(rep by Mr Andre)                                                      


JEAN-PAUL MARIE                                                        3RD Accused  

(rep. by Mr Andre)



Neutral Citation: The Republic v Agathine and Ors  (CR 2/2021) [2021] SCSC       

Before:                   Govinden CJ

Summary:             Bail  granted

Heard:                   28 June 2021

Delivered:              28 June 2021



Govinden, CJ

Learned counsel representing the Republic in this case moves the court that he has received fresh instructions from the Attorney General that he does not wish to press for further remand of the 3 accused persons in this case.  Learned counsel for the defence obviously has no objection.  Accordingly the court will cancel the order for remand made by the court on the 15th April 2021 and henceforth the accused will be at liberty to leave the court.  However in order to ensure their prompt appearance in future proceedings in this matter the court will impose the following bail conditions. 


  1. They each shall sign a bail bond in the sum of R15,000.


  1. They shall surrender their passports or any travelling documents that they may have in their possession with the Registrar of the Supreme Court before the end official hours of today.


  1. They are not to commit any offences during the course of this bail order.


  1. They are to report to their nearest police station to their residence every Monday at 5pm in the evening at which station their appearance shall be entered into the occurrence book of the station.


  1. They are not to interfere with any witnesses of the prosecution whilst you are at large.



Signed, dated and delivered at Ile du Port on 28 June 2021




Govinden CJ