Development Contribution (Specified Islands) Act

Number of Act: 
Date of promulgation: 
31 December 1997
Date of commencement: 
16 March 1998




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Act 2 of 1998






[16th March, 1998]





1.            Short title

2.            Interpretation

3.            Disembarkation fee

4.            No fee in case of emergency

5.            Fee to be paid into specified Fund

6.            Regulations

Schedule 1

Schedule 2




1.            This Act may be cited as the Development Contribution (Specified Islands) Act.


2.(1)  In this Act —     


“fee” means the fee levied under this Act;


“specified fund” means a Fund referred to in Schedule 2;


“specified island” means an island referred to in Schedule 1.


(2)  For the purposes of this Act, a person shall be treated as disembarking on a specified island where the person disembarks on any low-tide elevation, foreshore, bank, beach, jetty, roadstead, groyne, pontoon or similar structure which is, or is used as, or has customarily been treated as, part of the island.


3.      Every person who disembarks on an island specified in Schedule 1 shall pay to the person or authority prescribed under regulations made under this Act a fee prescribed under the regulations.


4.      Section 3 shall not apply where a person is forced to disembark on a specified island for exceptional reasons in the case of an emergency or for the purpose of rendering assistance at a time of distress to persons on the specified island.


5.(1)  The person or authority collecting the fee shall pay the fee collected in respect of an island specified in column 1 of Schedule 2 into the Fund specified in the corresponding entry in column 2 of the Schedule.


(2)  The fee paid into a specified Fund shall be used for the purposes for which the Fund was established.


6.      The Minister may make regulations for carrying into effect the purposes and provisions of this Act and, without restricting the generality of the foregoing, may make regulations —


(a)                prescribing the amount of fee to be paid in respect of a specified island and a different fee may be prescribed for each specified island;


(b)               exempting a class or category of persons from the payment of the fee generally or the fee in respect of prescribed specified islands;


(c)                prescribing disembarkation points on a specified island and requiring persons dis-embarking on the island to do so at the disembarkation points;


(d)               prescribing  the  manner,  place and time for the payment of the fee and the person or authority to whom the fee shall be paid;


(e)        providing for payment of an additional charge for failure to pay the fee in the manner, at the place and time and to the person or authority prescribed under the regulations;


(f)        creating offences for contravening the regulations and prescribing a fine not exceeding R10,000 or a term of imprisonment not exceeding one year or both such fine and term of imprisonment as penalty for a contravention.


(g)        amending the Schedules.







                                                                    SCHEDULE 1

                                                                                                  (Section 3)


                                                               SPECIFIED ISLAND


1.                  Praslin


2.                  La Digue





                              (Section 5)


Column 1                                                   Column 2


Praslin                                                         Praslin Development Fund    


La Digue                                                     La Digue Development Fund