Public Sector Special Pension Act

Number of Act: 
Date of promulgation: 
09 August 2005


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Act 9 of 2005

Act 2 of 2007

[29th August, 2005]


1.            This Act may be cited as the Public Sector Special Pension Act.

2.              In this Act –

 “Government service”  means paid service in a public office, the Police Force, the Seychelles People’s Defence Forces or any other employment in respect of which a salary or wage is paid from the Consolidated Fund;

 “parastatal organisation” means any of the organisations which shall be specified for the purpose of this Act in a notice published in the Gazette by the Minister;

“relevant person” means a person who is a citizen of Seychelles to whom the Act applies in accordance with section 3;

“retirement” includes resignation.

3.      This Act shall apply to all persons who were in the Government service or the service of a parastatal organisation during the period from 1st January 1979 to 31st December 2004, and-

(a)     having retired on attaining the age of 60 years;

(b)     having been granted an incapacity pension;

(c)     having retired prematurely for health reasons, though not necessarily on being found unfit by a medical board; or

(d)     having been retired prematurely on grounds of redundancy,

are living on the date of coming into operation of this Act.

4.      A relevant person shall be granted a special pension under this Act only if the person has completed a period of not less than 10 years of employment in the Government service or in the service of a  parastatal organisation prior to retirement whether such period is continuous or not.

5.      (1)     A relevant person shall apply for the special pension to the Seychelles Pension Fund.

(2)     An application shall be supported by the relevant persons’ record of employment in the Government service or in a parastatal organisation or both in the Government service and a parastatal organisation, as the case may be, and proof of such employment.

6.      The special pension shall be –

(a)     of an amount of R400 per month;

(b)     exclusive of any retirement benefit paid by the Social Security Fund; and

(c)     payable with effect from 1st January 2006.

7.      Retired government officers or government officers who are currently in receipt of a pension under the Pensions Act (Cap 159) or the Teacher’s Pension Act (Repealed) or the Police Forces Act (Cap 172) shall not be entitled to the special pension under this Act.

8.      The Principal Secretary, Department of Public Administration shall, upon the request of the Chief Executive Officer of the Seychelles Pension Fund, provide him with such information as he may specify as respects, the period of employment of any person based on the records available to the Department.

9.      The Minister may make regulations to give effect to the principles and provisions of this Act.