Unemployment Fund Act

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Cap 244A, Unemployment Relief Scheme Act, refers to the repeal of this Cap by that Cap with effect from 3 April 1995 but does not include an operative provision actually repealing it.  Both Caps are therefore technically still in force.





Act 10 of 1980

Act 16 of 1982

Act 2 of 1990




[1st January, 1980]



1.      Short title.

2.      Interpretation.

3.      Unemployment Fund.

4.      Accounts and annual report.

5.      Approved projects.

6.      Regulations.




1.      This Act may be cited as the Unemployment Fund Act.

2.      In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires ?

"Fund" means the Unemployment Fund established under section 3.

3.      (1)     There is hereby established a fund, to be called the Unemployment Fund, into which shall be paid ?

(a)     all payments authorized by the Minister to be paid into the Fund from the Social Security Fund under section 26(2) (b) of the Social Security Act;

(b)     such other sums as may be provided by the Government for the purposes of this Act or as may be received and accepted by the Minister for the purposes of the Act.

(2)     There shall be paid out of the Fund ?

(a)     all payments for work done under this Act; and

(b)     all expenses properly incurred in the administration of this Act.

4.      (1)     The Minister shall cause to be kept proper books of


accounts, and other books and records in relation thereto, in which shall be recorded all the financial transactions of the Fund.

(2)     The Minister shall, within 3 months after the end of each financial year, submit to the President a report on the Fund's operation during the year together with a copy of the Fund's accounts audited by the Auditor General, and shall publish the report and accounts in such manner as the President may direct.

5.      (1)     The Minister may approve projects, work on which shall qualify for payment out of the Fund at such rate as may be prescribed.

(2)     No person shall qualify for work on an approved project unless he is ?

(a)     unemployed;

(b)     registered at an employment centre under the Employment Act; and

(c)     disqualified from benefit under the Social Security Act or unless he is ordered to do so by a court under section 19 of the Children Act.

6.      The Minister may make regulations for the better carrying out of the provisions of this Act, and without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, may make regulations ?

(a)     prescribing minimum hours of work on approved projects;

(b)     prescribing rates of payment from the Fund;

(c)     prescribing methods of applying for work on approved projects.






SI. 28 of 1980

SI. 40 of 1991



(3rd March 1980)


1.      These Regulations may be cited as the Unemployment Fund Regulations.

2.      The minimum hours of work on an approved project shall be from 7 a.m. to noon on Mondays to Fridays.

3.      The rate of payment from the Fund shall be R.25 for a 5?hour day.

4.      A person wishing to work on an approved project shall report to such assembly points as may be announced by Radio Seychelles and shall bring with him the job?seeker's card issued to him on registering under the Employment Act.



SI. 68 of 1980



[1st September, 1980]


1.      These Regulations may be cited as the Unemployment Fund (Disqualification) Regulations.

2.      In these Regulations unless the context otherwise requires ?

"Chief Executive" means the Chief Executive within the meaning of section 2 of the Employment Act;

"qualified person" means a person who qualifies for work under section 5(2) of the Act;

"valid reasons" means such reasons as the Chief Executive considers to be valid in any particular case and includes distance from home to the place of work, old age, bad health, the need to care for young children and previous disagreement with the proposed employer.

3.      Any qualified person who has been offered employment, by an employment centre, in the category of work in which he is registered as a job seeker and who fails to take up such employment without valid reasons shall cease to be entitled to work under the Act for a period of four weeks from the date of his refusal to take up such employment.

4.      Any person who has been refused work by virtue of the provisions of regulation 3 of these Regulations may appeal to the Minister against the decision of the Chief Executive that the reason for his refusal to take up the employment in question was not a valid reason.