Bristol v Bonne (MC 28/2021) 2021] SCSC 268 (31 May 2021);



Headnote and Holding: 

1. I hereby interdict the Respondent and appoint the Petitioner, Danielle Elcia Bristol Born
Bonne, the daughter of the Respondent, as Guardian of the Respondent's person and property
in accordance with Article 505 of the Civil Code.

2. This decree shall be served upon the Respondent and posted within 10 days on the notice
boards of COUlirooms and notarial offices as well as being published in the Gazette.

3. The Petitioner shall comply with all the duties and obligations of her role as guardian inclusive
of and not limited to filing in the Registry of the Supreme Court an annual statement of the
account of her management.

Legislation considered: